Couch to 5k

Ok, here’s the plan.  9 weeks to a 5k race.  Except there isn’t a race around that time that I can make, but well…so not the point.  I’m running.  I’m doing it!  Yay!

So 9 weeks is a long time to build up to just 3.1 miles right?  Well, maybe it is.  But by taking it slow, I am giving my body (especially my joints and bones) time to adjust to the stress that running puts on it.  By taking it slow I am allowing myself to look forward to running.  By taking it slow I am setting myself up for success, not just to complete the program but to carry on well after running 3.1 miles feels like a “long way.”

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a researcher by nature.  Rarely do I just jump into something without knowing what I am getting into.  I actually heard about the Couch to 5k program (heretofore known as the C25K) a few years ago and was mildly interested, but it never really went anywhere.  Back in mid January something clicked inside of me and I thought, “wow, I can do this.  I need to do this.” 

I wasn’t quite ready to get started though.  It was January, and cold (I hate the cold) and dark.  So I spent time working out inside.  I used a combination of Cathe Fredrick on FitTV, Jillian Michaels “Banish Fat, Boost your Metabolism” DVD, and a rec league volleyball team to really get back into the exercise groove and work on my aerobic levels.  I’m hoping it paid off.

Week 1 starts today, and I am super excited.  The C25k program mixes in running and walking intervals so I know that for the first couple of weeks, there will be much more walking that running, but that’s ok.  I will be patient.  I will trust the program.  I will be running 3 miles in 9 weeks.  I will be a runner.

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