Yoga Night


I am not very flexible.  Never have been.  But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying a good night of yoga practice.  What I love about yoga is that it is an acutely personal practice, and even though you may be in a room full of other people, you are only supposed to concentrate on yourself.  You do not compete with others.  This, needless to say, is hard for me.  I need the reminder.

At the beginning of each practice, our instruction tells us to set an intention for the night.  My intention is to always listen to my body, to not push it to hard but at the same time to be open to my body moving beyond what my brain thinks I can do.  And to not compare my practice to others. 

Sometimes I do find myself looking around at others, more to make sure that I am understanding the instructions and the movement, but I really enjoy being about to take 90 minutes to move the focus internal, to appreciate my breath, and to quiet my mind.  Ahhh, Savasana, how I love you.

There are so many benefits to yoga, physical, emotional, and spiritual.  I find it is the perfect complement to the more high intensity running, tennis and mountain biking that I also enjoy. 

Do you practice?  What do you think yoga helps you with the most?  Increased flexibility, reduced stress, toned muscles?

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