Love It: Goody’s Hair Bands

Ever since I got my Good Karma package (read more about that here), I have been in love with the Goody’s Stayput hair bands.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my salted chocolate, body butters, and the stainless water bottle has come in handy on numerous occasions, but dare I say it, those hair bands have changed my life.

BHB (before hair bands), I was having a really hard time keeping my hair out of my eyes while playing volleyball.  I mean, I took a serve to the side of my face because I didn’t see the ball.  My hair sits just above my shoulders and the front of my hair could never quite make it to the pony tail holder.  I tried bobby pins but they never seemed grippy enough.  So yes, these hair bands have saved face for me (literally).

I have a 3 pack, one black, one light tan and one darker, so they literally go with anything.  They are as perfect running around my neighborhood as they are holding my hair back while in down facing dog during yoga.  I would love to get some in fun colors, but I haven’t seen them in stores.  Any hot tips as to where to find them?

Nowadays, this is my go to hair style.

Do you use some kind of hair bands to keep it all in place?  Which type is your favorite?


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One response to “Love It: Goody’s Hair Bands

  1. Meghan

    I have the exact same hair bands. LOVE THEM. Bought them at Target.

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