Second Empire 5k Classic

You guys, I’m so excited!  A couple of nights ago I finally registered for my first 5k race.  There weren’t any that fell exactly at the end of my C25k program so I wasn’t sure if I would even bother signing up for one.  After reviewing the program, I figured that a 5k probably isn’t too crazy since it calls for 20+ minutes of running around that time.  In long distance races, you never actually hit the race day mileage during training.  The same principles can apply here, right?

Besides, what’s the worst that could happen?

Actually, don’t answer that.

So the race I signed up for, as you can probably figure out from the title of this post, is the Second Empire 5k Classic in downtown Raleigh.  I’m hoping that Second Empire also caters some kind of after party, because their food is delicious.  No really, here is their menu.  Go drool.

This race is part of the Second Empire Grand Prix series, a set of 16 races held through out the year in the Triangle.  Racers can run competitively or recreationaly.  Of course, I chose to run competitively.  Not because I think I will win, but because it is the only way to get an official race time.  I certainly want my first Personal Record to be official!

Alright, I am super excited.  Now I just need to finish up the C25k weeks strong and not psych myself out completely.  If you are in Raleigh on May 2, 2010, come by and wave at the girl with the red hair, she’ll probably be near the back, but having the time of her life!



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3 responses to “Second Empire 5k Classic

  1. congrats on registering!! you will love racing, it’s addicting!

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