Take 5: Fitness Articles for the Week of 4/5/2010

Lance, Leipheimer on for Leadville 2010 – Bicycling.com.  Two biking greats are taking on a monster of a race.  I’m currently reading “It’s not about the bike” by Lance.

Training Tips by Jeff Galloway – Cool Running. Another run/walk training plan similar to Couch to 5k.  Jeff is an Olympian, for what it’s worth. 🙂

Newbie Runners: Answers to Your FAQs – Active.com.  Q&A’s like this have been invaluable to me as I begin to hit my running stride.

 Build Your Base in 2 Weeks – Active.com.  This seems to go against the slow and steady mantra of Galloway and C25k, but if you have a running background it seems completely feasible to me.

MapMyRun.Com – Not an article, but a web tool that allows you to map a run or figure out how far you just ran.  Also has an evelation tool.  Beware: addicting!

Take 5: Fitness Articles are a round up of interesting articles I have found over the course of the week.  We might talk about yoga, we might talk about strength training, we might talk about calories and nutrition.  We also might just talke a tour around blog land and look at what others are up to.  Articles were not necessarily published in the week of  this blog post.


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