And for my next trick…

So it begins.  Just three (or is it two?) weeks after my first 5k, I will be attempting a sprint of a different kind.  This one will involve not only a 5k, but also a 600 yard swim and a 17 mile bike ride.  Yes ladies and gentlemen, I just signed up for my first triathlon!  My inaugural race is the Woodlake Sprint Triathlon down in Vass, NC.

I can’t wait to get all the official training started!  Run training will still be C25k and bike training will involve lots of time on the singletrack (it is a hilly course!).  Now it’s time to get in some laps…the girl at the pool near me said that Friday nights were the least busy, so guess when I’ll be starting my swim regimen!

On May 29th you will be able to call me a triathlete, but for now you can just call me crazy!

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