Swimming is Hard.

That’s what I told Patrick when I got home from my second ever swim workout on Sunday afternoon.  I may have huffed and sounded a bit whiney, but I was beat.  After an hour in the pool, I had only managed about 1000 yards.  Mostly 25 yards at a time.  Swimming, indeed, is hard.

I don’t know why I thought this would be the easier part of my upcoming triathlon.  I guess when compared with 17 miles of biking and 3.1 miles of running, 600 yards sounds downright puny.  Not only was the distance not enough to worry me, I was banking on those swim lessons I took when I was 5, along with the fact that I grew up with my very own swimming pool in my back yard, a river down the street and the whole Atlantic Ocean less than an hour away to make it easy for me to go this short distance.  Apparently, summers spent floating on a raft in your back yard isn’t enough preparation.  Who knew?

So yes, swimming is hard, but surely, like running it will get easier.  I got back in to the pool yesterday after work and went another 1,025 (I was going to finish at 1,000 again but ended up on the wrong side from my towel and had to swim back).  This was my workout from last night, with oh, 25 second to 1:30 minute rest breaks in between:

2×25 free breathing to the right only

2×25 free breathing to the left only

4×25 free bi-lateral breathing

8×50 free ” “(this got me to 600 yards)

4×75 free ” ”

1×100 free ” ” (daaaang this was hard)

1×25 free to get back to the side of the pool with my towel…it’s cold out of the water!

I probably should work on learning some other strokes, but for now I would just like to know that I can finish my swim distance without taking rest breaks in the middle of the lake every 30 seconds or so.  Ideally, I would like to be able to swim this whole 1000yds without a break, not including a warm up and cool down of course.  I guess I will just continue to build the distance with these intervals, and hope I hit the goal in time for May 29th.

In other swim news, I ordered a wet suit and now I feel all official.  The race is expected to be wet suit legal and I had the option of renting one for $50 or buying one for $100.  Didn’t seem like such a hard choice since after 2 races I will break even.  Also, the week before the race Patrick and I will be at the beach on vacation (ahem, tapering) and I would actually have to rent the wetsuit for 2 weeks in order to pick it up on time (Tuesdays) and be able to practice in it.  Now I have my own, or I will, as soon as UPS gets it to my front door.  Is it weird to be this excited about a wetsuit?  Or is it only something a triathlete (or a person who trains for a triathlon, since that’s all I am now) does?

I hope I look that bad ass.

It’s an Xterra Women’s Volt…an entry level wetsuit for a very entry level swimmer.  I’m just hoping it helps me stay a tiny bit warm and keep my hips from sinking.  I will be happy with that!

What kind of sport specific toys have you had to bite the bullet and buy? Or find yourself strangely giddy over buying?

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