C25k Check In: Week 8

Ok, one more week to go.  Hard to believe!  Here’s how last week shaped up:

Day 1:  I counted this as my race.  Read about that here if you missed it the first time around.

Day 2: My iPod died, taking my C25k podcasts with it.  I back to where I started, got home and mapped out (MapMyRun.com is awesome!) that I ran 2.77 miles, so 27-28 minutes.

Day 3: This time, I was set on running 3 miles.  I added an extra road to my route, but the heat got to me (again) and I ended up walking a bit to keep my heart rate under control.  I need to get used to this heat now!

One more week of runs until I am a C25k graduate!  I can’t wait to celebrate this running victory!


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