C25k Check In: Week 9

Day 1: HOT HOT HOT.  As such, I ran slooooowly, but made it 30 minutes

Day 2: The weather was much more agreeable, I finally found a run around the neighborhood that equals 3 miles (ok, 3.15, but who’s counting?) and ran it in 30 minutes.  Go me!

Day 3: Graduation day!  I kept my time consistent from Day 2, funny thing was, my legs felt like they had more to give.  That’s new!

Now I’m off to subscribe to Runner’s World magazine, one thing I promised I would get for myself after successfully completing the program.  The other is a pair of real running shoes with a professional fit, which I will take care of later this week.  Excited!!!

Check back later for my final thoughts on the C25k program.


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