Take 5: Articles for the Week of 5/17/2010

A few new sources of fitness related goodies for the week.  Enjoy!

Information About Your Medication – Running Times.  Running should make it all feel better, right?

Interesting Things We Think About During Our Runs – Runner’s World Forums.  My thoughts are all over the place when I run.  I should actually probably focus more on running!

Lucy Shorts and Tank Review – Chic Runner.  Danica gets to review all sorts of sweet running products.  Probably because she’s such an awesome blogger (and runner, of course!).

Finding the Time to Work Out – Fitness.com.  This is hard for everyone.  For me, it has been especially hard during the last 2 weeks.

Jillian Michaels: I’m Pre-Disposed to Obesity – The Huffington Post. This may be true, but she turned herself into a kickass trainer with a rockin body.  I’m a big fan!

Take 5: Fitness Articles are a round up of interesting articles I have found over the course of the week.  We might talk about yoga, we might talk about strength training, we might talk about calories and nutrition.  We also might just talke a tour around blog land and look at what others are up to.  Articles were not necessarily published in the week of  this blog post.


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