The Next Step

So, I promise that I will write an obnoxiously long report of the Woodlake Sprint Triathlon, just like I did for my first 5k, but we had a bit of a camera mishap and as a result the only pictures from the day that I have are living on my mom’s Blackberry.  Still waiting on those before I get too far into it.

The important things to know are that 1)I was really really slow and 2)I had a freaking blast. 

So, I’m looking at the rest of the year and finding all sorts of races that I hope I can sign up for.  Here’s what I’m looking at:

Meat Pie Tri

Snake Bite Triathlon

Cajun Cup 10k

New Orleans Jazz Half Marathon

Cajun Man Triathlon

Sounds fun huh?

Are you confused?  Oh, did I fail to mention that in just 2 short weeks, Patrick and I are packing up the car and moving down to Baton Rouge?  That’s right, Cajun Country!

Patrick was offered an Equine Internship at LSU that he couldn’t pass up, so we are off to the land of Mardi Gras for a year to immerse ourselves in King Cakes, Crawfish Boils, Hurricanes (only the drink, I hope) and of course, the local race scene.  I have been doing my homework and it looks like the afterpartys are just as serious as the races.  Woohoo, I think I’ll like it there!


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