Where I’ve Been

I have a million excuses for not recapping my first triathlon yet.  Want to hear them?  Good…

1) We only had camera phones on the morning of the race and didn’t know how to get them onto the computer

2) Patrick and I spent every waking minute after the tri cleaning, painting and packing our townhouse.

3) We moved 15 hours away to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

4) I haven’t done anything else impressive to write about, so I was worried I would run out of material.

Right, so that explains up until the end of June.  What about all of July?

Here’s the real deal…ever since we moved here, I have not been feeling it.  At all.  I’m having a really hard time adjusting to the heat, humidity and lack of running, and its got me down.

I’m working through that though, so I will post a recap of the tri soon and then be back with a new plan and a new outlook.  See you on the other side!


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