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An Active Weekend

TGIF!  Anybody else super ready for the weekend?

This weekend, I plan on being pretty lazy to be honest.  Oh, except for Sunday afternoon when I run my very first race!

I’m so excited for the Second Empire 5k!  Look for a race report early next week.

Happy weekend everyone!


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C25k Check In: Week 6

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I am 2/3 of the way finished with Couch to 5k! 

This week I entered “high school” as some of the ladies on a message board I visit refer to the time when the walk breaks go away and it’s all running, all the time.

Day 1:  Felt pretty good.  There was a good mixture of running and walking, it kept me on my toes.

Day 2:  A couple of 10 minute runs and it was time to call it a day.

Day 3:  The big one, my first 25 minutes straight.  Honestly I didn’t feel all that great, my legs were dead because of the bike riding.  Oh well, there are 3 more 25 minute runs to make up for it!

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An Active Weekend

This weekend looks to be a bit rainy, so no mountain biking for us.  Whatever shall we do with ourselves?

  • Swim swim swim!
  • Run (when the sun is out)!
  • Clean this house!

Is your weekend equally packed with fun?


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C25k Check in: Week 5

Sooo…this week had its first “long run.”  Now all you seasoned runners, don’t laugh too hard at me…but I had to run (gulp) 20 minutes.  In a row.

Day 1: Quick intervals, not too bad.

Day 2: 2 10 minute runs.  I get impatient around minute 8 each time.

Day 3: The long one.  I mapped out how far a mile was from my start point and was determined to make it two 10 minute miles.  I hit it on the nose!  (This helped keep me from getting antsy like on day 2).

Whew!  On to Week 6…only 2 more interval runs left until it’s all running, all the time.

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Take 5: Articles for the Week of 4/12/2010

Running in Marathons: Facebook made me do it – Time Magazine.  Ever feel pressured to do something because all your friends are talking about it on facebook?

The Best Ever Collection of Running Books – Complete Running.  I have a few on my wish list!

Hotel offers ‘cycle for food’ deal – MSN.  This is a neat idea for both hotel publicity and bike awareness!

28 Tips for Triathlon Transitions – Triathlon Jones.  With 6 weeks to go before my first triathlon, I have this page book marked.

Best Ocean Swimming – LAist.com.  Will Rogers State Beach in California is voted the best place for an ocean swim by the Nature Conversancy.

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A quick spin in Umstead

Since I am technically in triathlon training mode, I figured I better get on my bike and build up some endurance.  I’m learning to ride and climb single track, so I hope that translates to the big hill on the bike course.

2010 Woodlake Sprint Triathlon Bike Route

I can’t figure out how to get a picture of the route in here, but if you click on the link you can see the route for the bike portion of the triathlon along with the elevation.  I know the hills in Umstead will prepare me for it, but man, they are not fun!

After work today I took my bike out to the park and rode out and back for an hour.  It was plenty hilly and my legs were burning.  In fact, they were so tight when I started thanks to yesterdays singletrack session, I had to get off and stretch after a warm up climb.  I should probably make that a habit, huh?  I had a good ride but tough (maybe I’m a bit of a wimp).  All in I rode around 8 miles in an hour.  Knowing that I have to go twice that far at Woodlake should keep my butt in the saddle as much as possible in the coming weeks.

After I got back I put the Myka in the car but wasn’t quite ready to leave.  Everything I read and everyone I have talked to says to do a quick transition run after being on the bike to get your legs used to the feeling.  No problem, I thought, I only rode for an hour, how hard can it be?

Let me tell you.  HARD.  It is the weirdest feeling, to run on bike legs.  Not that I ever feel graceful when I run, but the only thing I could think when I was running was, “I feel like a hippo.”  I could barely move my legs.  It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t pretty, but now I know it was absolutely necessary.  I will make sure to do those transition runs as much as I can, because Lord knows, 3 miles is going to feel like a marathon if I don’t get my legs under me easier than that!

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C25k Check in: Week 4

Week 4 is in the bank guys.  This week consisted of 2 repitions of a 3 minute run, 90 second walk, 5 minute run and 2.5 minute walk.

Day 1:  One of the highest days on record for pollen and wicked hot.  I couldn’t get the pollen or sweat out of my eyes.  This day was tough.

Day 2: My step was much lighter due to new exercise clothes and a stranger telling me that I “made it look easy.”  Thank you, stranger man!

Day 3:  A cool morning run really helped me finsih the week strong, ready for the next challenge!

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